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What is cloud-based technology?

No technology description has been more overused (and misused) than the term “cloud. ” The term “cloud” refers to the way that networks, specifically the Internet, have been represented in engineering and network drawings for some time. In reality, the cloud is just the latest iteration of a concept that has been called many things in the past including ASP (application service provider), on-demand, utility computing and as a service (Software as a Service, Infrastructure as a Service).

Cloud technologies are simply this:

A pool of computing resources (servers, storage, applications, and voice services) that is provided as-needed to businesses from a provider’s network, eliminating the need for on-site equipment, maintenance, and management. Cloud technologies enable IT departments to increase or add capabilities as needed without purchasing equipment and software, training employees to support it, and using office space, power, and cooling to house it.

They provide end users immediate access to new, always-on features from nearly any device in any location. They also provide the business a predictable, subscription-based, pay-per-use way to fund IT.

Learn more about cloud technology in general and why Metro Optical's cloud might be the right fit for your business.


What are the benefits to my business?

Metro Optical provides you a better way to buy and manage your technology. Specifically, that means better. . .

  • Simplicity - We have built our platforms, integrated all of the technologies you need and can deliver them to you right now as a subscription-based service.  
  • Economics - Lower Total Cost of Ownership than on-site equipment provided via a predictable monthly expense without the need for up-front or ongoing CAPEX.  
  • Productivity - Get more done with new features and get back time spent maintaining legacy technology.  
  • Stability - Services from Metro Optical are delivered from diverse technology centers over multiple carriers, ensuring that services are available regardless of conditions at your location. 
  • Performance - Our solutions are implemented with guaranteed SLAs to satisfy the needs of your organization.  
  • Control - Enjoy unmatched control and point-and-click configuration over all services through a Portal.  
  • Social Responsibility - By putting your technologies in your cloud you greatly reduce your organization's carbon footprint.  
  • Focus on Core Business - Outsource the technologies that support the business, so your people can focus on running it.

Cloud Solutions include:


  • SaaS- Software as a Service
    • Hosted Applications
  • IaaS- Infrastructure as as Service
    • Managed Servers
  • DaaS-Desktop as a Service
    • Hosted/managed desktops

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